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In the first of two meetings, an international commission discussed the criteria required before such experiments should be conducted—if ever As the world becomes more complex, making decisions becomes harder. Is it best to depend on careful analysis or to A genetic therapy that increases or lowers levels of a protein raises hopes for a treatment for neurological disorders On the Applied Energetics and the Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Arizona have signed a research agreement for Using household bleach and light, MIT researchers have created fluorescent quantum defects in carbon nanotubes.

The defects can be synthesized For photonics, forward progress may start by going in reverse — when it makes sense. That was a theme in A new spectroscopic method developed by researchers at Heidelberg University could enable scientists to study the physical principles of organic Mercury-free technology also suitable for disinfecting brew water, and tops for bottled beer and other drinks.

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Huge mirror components fabricated at Tucson mirror laboratory are destined for the Giant Magellan Telescope. Tiny plastic particles have turned up in samples of Arctic snow, pointing to their ubiquity in the environment -- Read To control backscattering and reduce energy loss during optical data transmission, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign exploited Synopsys has signed a definitive agreement to acquire automotive software simulation company Qtronic GmbH. The transaction is subject to customary First reported in by Huang and colleagues1, OCT has become an important imaging tool for ophthalmology following innovations over The technology that produced a global scandal in China last year has entered into clinical trials to treat sickle cell Model suggests that photovoltaic panels are at their most efficient and productive not in sun-soaked desert installations, but in more Deep convolutional neural networks DCNNs and transfer learning are being applied to just-in-time crop disease detection, through a smartphone tool In new research, scientists from the lab of professor Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA have demonstrated distinct improvements to the inference Unlike a traditional Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have developed a waveguide that is more than 10, times thinner than Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Research shows conflicting data on the impact of the intervention, but a major new study confirms it can work Researchers in China and the U. IPG Photonics and the Brose Group, a supplier of automotive components, has announced a collaboration for what the companies say People who feel shame readily are at risk for depression and anxiety disorders -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. As scientists engage in the development and manufacture of high-performance lighting, we find it frustrating to encounter a lack of Stock price rises sharply despite swing to net loss in the photonics company's latest fiscal year.

Moving away from meat would reduce fertilizer use, cropland and carbon dioxide emissions. Yet it alone will not save the Researchers examine the old adage that birth order plays a significant role in shaping who we are -- Read more With advancements in image processing and sensors, lens-free microscopy is ready for a closer look by researchers, industry, and consumers A surgeon removing a malignant tumor1, a security agent detecting harmful molecules at a stadium2, an autonomous car avoiding a System designed to defeat drones and other threats with combination of laser and microwave technologies.

Geostationary satellite forms part of optical network enabling near-live observation of activity on Earth. A new study suggests the last field reversal , years ago took 22, years to occur, which could explain some Some stars moving fast enough to escape the galaxy likely come from a never before seen class of intermediate-mass black Researchers in Spain and France report ingenious wavefront-shaping system that uses tiny electrical heating coils embedded in a thermally responsive Blanks produced by Schott will be polished by Safran-Reosc, cut into hexagons then final-polished by ion beam figuring.

The theory, which emerged in the s as a way to unify the fundamental forces of nature, has profoundly shaped The proof-of-concept demonstrations herald a major step forward in quantum communications -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. New research contradicts conventional wisdom on fan use during heat waves -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Killings of those protecting nature are highest in countries with corruption and weak rule of law -- Read more on Astronomers could soon learn whether or not the nearest neighboring star system harbors habitable worlds -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

Agilent Technologies Inc. Psychologists launch a clinical trial to gauge whether virtual reality can quell the fears of patients with the mental disorder Researchers in Lithuania have developed an ultrashort-pulse laser that could eradicate nuclear waste and decrease the decay period from tens The bacteria are not a major threat, but they could transfer their resistance to more dangerous pathogens -- Read more Using multiphoton microscopy MPM , researchers at Kyoto University showed that the collagen fibers in the skin are arranged in a Scientists from Osaka University have demonstrated how information encoded in the circular polarization of a laser beam can be translated US laser firm consolidates fiber laser operations in Europe, and pivots away from cutting applications.

Cheaper, smaller satellites could help more precisely sniff out sources of methane -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Commercial and research partners including Fraunhofer ILT working to enhance laser powder bed fusion materials and processes. A new program could save lives in hospitals, where kidney injury is one of the most common causes of death A purportedly non-invasive optical imaging technique uses ultrasonic waves to create a virtual relay lens inside of the body, potentially Simultaneous slowdown in automotive and consumer electronics sectors hits machine vision firm's financial results.

Caltech project uses photoacoustic-guided and infrared-activated micromotors for drug delivery in the intestines. Although the hormone has few serious short-term side effects, its long-term risks remain a black box -- Read more on Fiber laser giant says recovery in China has been reversed by geopolitical tensions, with Brexit complications only adding to the Princeton develops frequency comb-based technology with promising applications in pharma discovery, medical diagnoses.

Researchers break a fundamental symmetry of physics in a light-based diode design that is small enough for consumer electronics. Engineers at Duke University have developed a method for extracting a color image from a single exposure of light scattered A Sept. Scientific American presents the winner and runners-up of the ninth annual Art of Neuroscience contest, along with other notable entries Researchers hoped new data would resolve the most contentious question in cosmology. They were wrong -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

Work by Australian team improves prospects for combining stable single-atom-based qubits with scalable silicon platforms in future quantum computers. The integration of an adjustable-dynamic zoom lens in a thin cellphone, in a miniaturized microscope, or at the remote end Canon U. Researchers at Stanford University are designing a way to make a photon diode, a device that allows light to flow Direct measurements reveal a glacier is melting 10 to times quicker than previously thought, with implications for sea-level rise System uses optical-acoustic imaging to track self-propelled, drug-containing microparticles in the body, and to set them loose at the right An imaging system developed at Princeton University uses lasers small enough to fit on a microchip, and emits and detects An augmented reality AR environment is being tested as a training tool for sailors and marines who must train and Using a technique called light-activated dynamic looping, or LADL, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are investigating the role that Original ultraviolet laser on board wind-monitoring satellite suffered significant dip in energy levels laser month.

Cepton Technologies Inc. Ramachandran executive vice president of marketing.

Ramachandran joins Technique developed at Carnegie Mellon University enables noninvasive imaging of delicate organs through turbid media. Customer in Russia plans to ramp production of titanium alloy cages used as treatment for herniated discs and degenerative spinal The Ising model, now almost a century old, shows how natural systems can behave in related ways -- Read more With the new system, a prosthetic wearer can do delicate tasks, such as pluck grapes from the stem -- Read French company iXblue SAS, which provides photonics solutions for maritime technologies, has appointed Fabien Napolitano chief executive officer and named Indian space agency launches Chandrayaan-2, featuring Lynred-built hardware to search for lunar water.

The president of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene talks about how the designation could help fight the Droplets filled with nanoparticles behave just like bar magnets -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Phase shift deflectometry technique locates the topographical defects that other optical metrology tools cannot.


Gram positive bacteria – Enterococcus

US government continues to invest heavily in military camera and sensing technologies for aircraft and warfighters. A new study demonstrates it is surprisingly easy to ID an individual within a supposedly incognito data set -- Read The spacecraft is set to harness the power of sunlight alone to alter its orbit around Earth -- Read more Hong Kong researchers have designed a highly sensitive accelerometer, which incorporates polarization-maintaining photonic-crystal fiber, for monitoring potential train derailment.

An efficient, stable OLED based on a single layer of a neat, thermally activated, delayed fluorescence emitter has been demonstrated Quantum interference can be used to process large data sets quickly and accurately, according to a study done by the Ignoring the connections between climate and security poses risks for the U.

Dutch university spin out Quix says its "Swiss army knife" photonic chip also works as a quantum processor. The egg-bound developing animals are more attuned to the outside world than previously thought -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. The interaction between graphene and light suggests that graphene could be used to control infrared IR and terahertz THz waves Quanergy Systems Inc.

Why are VR companies launching their mental health care programs in the nation? A real-time capture of brain-circuit activity shows how simple it is to change what an animal sees -- Read more Improved quantum logic clock from NIST scientists drives down systematic uncertainty to unprecedented 10—19 range.

The process for designing metamaterials could be improved by using data-driven approaches based on deep learning, according to researchers at Intevac Photonics Inc. Researchers are still optimistic about finding disease-altering medicines—just not anytime soon -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Safer sources, at 85 per cent efficiency, achieved using laser-pumped silica fiber doped with holmium.

Brain cells that tick at regular intervals may coordinate neural activity like the conductor of an orchestra -- Read more The result is not the final word, as findings will likely turn up the heat on questions of divergent sexual Scientists at the University of Glasgow have photographed quantum entanglement, capturing for the first time visible evidence of the phenomenon Zeiss recalls developing its bespoke camera lenses that recorded first visit to the Moon, 50 years ago.

Eye tracking, facial recognition system to be applied to commercial vehicles in Korea to boost safety. Sending atmospheric CO2 into underground methane hydrates could clean the air and create revenue -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Nedo, Sharp and Toyota collaborate on photovoltaic car based on solar cell and battery combination; road testing, later this month.

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Lithography giant says strong EUV orders and demand for logic devices is helping it buck the downward trend. Neuralink says it can robotically implant more than 3, flexible-polymer electrodes in a rat or monkey brain. The device is Researchers use tunable light to activate biomedical imaging and drug-release applications in multifunctional nanoparticles. Qiang Lin, an expert in integrated quantum photonics and nonlinear photonics at the University of Rochester, has been awarded the Army to upgrade the Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder Glass for displays, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and solar cells needs to allow light to pass through, but could benefit from Researchers at TU Dresden achieve external quantum efficiency of On the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, NASA backs a plan to deploy more retroreflectors on the lunar A large, correlation-based study identifies eight genome regions associated with the eating disorder -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

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A Rhode Island program to prevent ex-inmate relapses and deaths is working -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Ever since the debut of the series Star Trek, people have wanted to create technologies that mimicked or surpassed those My time with BioPhotonics magazine and Photonics Media has come to an end.

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High-performance sensor supplier ams AG and artificial intelligence developer MEGVII have signed a partnership agreement to jointly create and promote Precision Optics Corp. Elastomer core-cladding fiber structure, with embedded upconversion nanoparticles, could provide a platform for developing wearable monitors for health care. Rains from the system will prolong the already historic flooding along the Mississippi -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

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The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, lander and rover will seek out water ice and other potentially valuable resources near the lunar south Research groups develop ultrasensitive detector and quantum cascade laser for THz band that eliminate need for cryogenic cooling, expanding application Superresolution has been a hot topic within the microscopy community since the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded.

A protocol for storing and releasing a single photon in an embedded eigenstate — a quantum state that is virtually A new program outperforms professionals in six-player games.

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Could business, political or military applications come next? Several designs could find uses in tiny robots and biomedical devices -- Read more on ScientificAmerican. Climate change is already rotting archaeological sites in the Arctic, and Norse Viking-era settlements are at high risk -- Read Spectral Evolution has moved operations to expanded facilities in Haverhill, Mass. A technique for squeezing quantum dots, developed at the U. Ministry of Defence aiming to develop three new directed energy weapon demonstrators, with trials planned for Lunar ice could be a crucial resource for future explorers.

It could also be an astrobiological treasure trove. Can it Joo H. He is a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Kansas.