Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry for Synthesis: Rethinking the Routes to Scale-Up

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Rethinking the Routes to Scale-Up

Andy Brown describes some of its many Massimiliano Materazzi and Richard Taylor discuss the promise of a bio-substitute for natural gas. Why is it that the introduction of innovative process technologies appears to be so slow in the p Micropore Technologies, a specialist engineering company, has successfully scaled up membrane tec It is increasingly important for companies to maximise the sustainability of their manufacturing Process simulation software has become almost universal in the chemical engineering sector, and m The potential of algae to recover valuable resources from waste could transform the traditional w Visiting the home of the inventor of a novel, continuous process for juicing and straining.

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Ahead of our coming webinar on 19 June, Stan Higgins says we are not getting the value from our d Developing a low-cost smartphone app to help craft beer breweries and homebrewers monitor and con How an award-winning ensilication technology could remove the need to refrigerate life-saving vac How augmented reality is ticking all the boxes for the process sector. Simon Clarke, Director at The BioFutures Programme will address the opportunities and challenges faced by the chemical engi Helen Tunnicliffe goes on safari in Norway to learn about a government-backed scheme to set up Transformational technologies in oil and gas.

Could we learn future direction from past innovations? SIX companies with European petrochemical operations have established a consortium that will join A container-based test facility has successfully produced synthetic fuel from renewable energy an OIL and gas company Santos and diversified company Perdaman have signed a heads of agreement to f A plant-based alternative to polystyrene foam has been developed that has better insulation prope USING a temperature-dependent solvent to desalinate water with high concentrations of dissolved s A NEW method for dying threads could be used to create smart clothing that changes colour in the BP has formed a partnership with Virent and Johnson Matthey to commercialise a process that produ A NEW carbon capture process has been developed that turns carbon dioxide gas into solid carbon t IN a reversal of roles, chemical engineers took the opportunity yesterday to quiz UK policy leade A NEW process has been developed that uses supercritical water to transform polypropylene plastic THE UK government has unveiled an action plan for developing carbon, capture, utilisation and sto A Royal Academy of Engineering report has found that more support is needed for the final develop More than entries from a The US Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees water resource management, has announced that it wil CRISP packets, chocolate wrappers, and blister packets for pills are all extremely difficult to r FANS of fast food know how tricky it is trying to squeeze out the last drops of ketchup from thos A NEW technique for manufacturing perovskite solar cells improves their efficiency and solves pre A substance in trees that is usually discarded by paper manufacturers has been used to create adh A NEW method has been developed for drug production that avoids the use of expensive precious met WOOD has launched a new fund that will invest in technologies developed by small and medium enter NEW laser technology will allow steelworkers to monitor the condition of molten metal furnaces in MIT chemical engineer Michael Strano has helped develop a treatment for wetsuits that protects di A 3D printer has been developed that uses a microfluidics chip to combine multiple cell-laden hyd As we retreated recently, the owner between the AuNPs is possible to Learn their responsibility in the supply of the avoiding mechanism.

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Digitization of multistep organic synthesis in reactionware for on-demand pharmaceuticals

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