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Christian Cawley and James McLean consider Probably not, but with 25 true "Dalek stories" since , it's probably time we talked about them in depth. Just imagine. Perhaps out of admiration for the Dear Leader, or in some bizarre timeline, The Absolute Boy has been cast as the Doctor himself. Who might be Corbyn's favorite Doctor? Wouldn't he feel more at home in "Manhole Monthly"? There's even time to look at some of the location shoots, Christopher Eccleston's recent "blacklisting" revelation, VworpCon, the new Target novelisation covers, and even the passing of Ken Dodd It's a simple premise: would the Tenth Doctor work in the Fourth Doctor's stories?

Or vice versa? Could you reasonably swap the Third and First Doctors over?

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And just who could stand in for the Fifth? So it was about time Doctor Who fans got a flavour of the new logo! But what do you think of it? Tell you what they think in this week's podKast with a K are Christian Cawley and James Baldock, who also manage to cover some recent Doctor Who news and go off at some entertaining tangents. It hasn't been a great couple of months for fans of British showbusiness, with notable passings: Rodney Bewes, Peter Wyngarde, and Jeremy Wilkin.

Unsurprisingly, all three have appeared in Doctor Who, so Christian Cawley and James McLean recently got together to recall their episodes, and their wider work beyond the show. What makes a great convention guest? Click play to find out! To celebrate the release of the famous "incomplete" DoctorWho classic Shada, Christian Cawley, James Baldock and Simon Danes take a look at the new version, and compare it with its predecessors And was Douglas Adams really "all that"? Was there too much David Bradley? Not enough Jodie Whittaker?

Couldn't Gatiss' character have been someone else entirely, for the sake of creating a bigger universe? It's time to sit back and find out what we thought, as we said goodbye to Peter Capaldi… and hello to Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor Who! The end of a DoctorWho era is nigh. Twice Upon a Time airs in just a few days time, on ChristmasDay, so we've got together to chat about the coming episode, and its guest stars. So, grab a comforting drink and kickback with this week's podKast with a K and join Christian Cawley, James McClean, James Baldock and Simon Danes chatting about Twice Upon a Time, seeing it in a preview screening, and what might or might not happen in the episode PLUS: a Christmas quiz sort of.

The Doctor Who Christmas special is coming, so this week's podKast largely Christian Cawley and James McLean are your hosts. You've seen the trailer, now find out what we thought of it.

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Doctor Who returns in a few weeks time for the final episode of the Steven Moffat era; it's also Peter Capaldi's last appearance as the Twelfth Doctor. So surely Twice Upon a Time should be getting us excited? Find out how we feel, what we would like to see, and how all of this could quite easily feel like a whole different show in 12 month's time by clicking play Two new eras in one: Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who look is revealed, and the new PodKast with a K team gets together for the first time!

It's a great chat, and we can't wait for you to hear it! Oh, and plenty of chat about some of the early DoctorWho Series 11 rumours, particularly with regard to episode and season length. Big news this week in the world of DoctorWho, where Bradley Walsh was finally confirmed as part of the regular cast of Chris Chibnall's reimagined show.

Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss. Excited by Shada's imminent DVD release? Thrilled by the idea of 60 minute episodes of Doctor Who Series 11? Got coin burning a hole in your pocket and need somewhere selling unusual Doctor Who-inspired merchandise? You've come to the right place.

Christian Cawley and guest James Baldock even manage to squeeze in some discussion about the sad passing of stage Doctor Trevor Martin! This week, Christian Cawley remembers some of the high points of his pan-Atlantic collaboration with Brian, covering their work together on Kasterborous. Listen out for some clips from the first few podKasts back in One week on, and we still can't quite believe it.

Is the production in some sort of bizarre existential crisis? Or is it a sort of modern day take on John-Nathan Turner-esque stunt casting? Christian Cawley and James McLean chew the fat, and perhaps even come to a conclusion which would be a first Well that was perhaps the worst week in DoctorWho since Reaction against the Jodie Whittaker casting tritely denounced as "sexism"; Peter Davison dragged into a Twitter firestorm by former Labour leader Ed Miliband who has so far refused to apologise leading to the former Doctor Who star quitting the social network; character actor and playwright Trevor Baxter dies; former Doctor Who companion Deborah Watling Victoria Waterfield sadly too passed away.

One we'd rather all forget. Christian Cawley and James McLean pick through the bones. Thanks to your comments on our Facebook page, we're able to spin this conversation off in a whole new direction, while considering the thoughts of Peter Davison. Oh, and prepare yourselves for our thoughts on the Christmas episode. So, there you have it. The mystery is over. The 13th DoctorWho is revealed, and it's a woman. Jodie Whittaker, best known for Broadchurch, is the next incarnation of the Doctor, who has been successfully male since Christian Cawley and James McLean offer their thoughts, arguments, and observations regarding this somewhat gimmicky state of affairs.

Christian Cawley and Gareth Kavanagh join in the 13th Doctor speculation, throwing a number of interesting names into the mix. Could it be Luke Treadaway? Game of Thrones' Richard Madden?

Or is it Kris Marshall? And is the Phoebe Waller-Bridge story just non-story clickbait? We'll be honest: you've probably heard this podKast before.


Whether it was the DoctorWho series 9 finale podKast, the series 8 finale podKast, or even The Time of the Doctor, what you're about to hear will seem extremely familiar. Just like The Doctor Falls. But on the other hand, how else are you going to spend 80 minutes in the company of Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Brian Terranova?

So, indulge us as we drill-down into the flaws of The Doctor Falls, while keeping a firm hand on the episode's positives.

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  • Will Bill survive? Have we finally understood time dilation? Will the Mondasian Cybermen ever fly? And just how soon did we recognise John Simm? We're back! And so are the Truth Monks.

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    But who are they, really? Could there be something more to them and their tech? Or is it all just a coincidence? All these questions and more will be answered. Or not. Hit play to find out! In this week's show, we take a look at Extremis, the sixth episode of DoctorWho Series Just what was going on here and why did Steven Moffat consider it a good idea to essentially waste 45 minutes of storytelling with an adventure that in effect did not happen?

    Were they out of breath with excitement, or did the episode leave them blind with rage? Hit play to find out now! Knock Knock! Who's There? Doctor Who? Plus, listen out for some interesting Doctor Who merchandise on eBay! Is Doctor Who on Thin Ice?