The Grass is Always Greener (Short Reads)

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When we are not happy with what we have, then what the other person possesses always looks better. Only when we place ourselves in their position will we realize that everyone has their own set of problems and difficulties.

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Raj had always dreamt of working in the USA. It was his long time ambition to study abroad and also find employment there.

He was not happy to stay and work in India. He was always complaining about the living conditions, corruption, pollution, population and traffic.

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He forever spoke highly about the disciplined life, working culture, clean surroundings and economic opportunities that other countries had to offer. In short Raj thought that living abroad was the best way to earn money and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. So when he got an offer to work in the USA, he readily grabbed the opportunity.

Moral Short Story - The Grass Looks Greener on the Other Side

Raj enjoyed his stay in the US during the first few months. The new surroundings and varied landscape were a source of great wonder and excitement for him. But slowly he realized that he was missing Indian food. He realized that people abroad led a very mechanical life and there was no interaction between neighbours.

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Since everyone gave too much importance to privacy and individual space, people were not really close to one another. Raj felt very lonely because of this. He also understood that he would always be treated as a second citizen - an outsider - there.

Short Story

On arrival of the bus, Aryan somehow made his way into the bus and managed to find a seat. After sitting he looked around the bus and noticed a man sitting opposite of him. He was very handsome and charming. On looking towards the man Aryan became sad once again regarding his looks and personality.

The Grass Is Always Greener

All types of bad thoughts started coming in his mind that he was not worth this beautiful world. He thought to himself that how lucky that man was with such a beautiful face and charismatic looks.

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  • Everyone must be good to him and he must always be the center of attraction. Aryan became jealous of that man and could not bear him in front of him. So he changed his seat to avoid him. On the way all the negative feelings kept coming to his mind, imagining how his life would have been only if he were more handsome and good looking. Finally on reaching the destination he came out of the bus. As he was walking, a person suddenly pushed Aryan from back. While walking he realized that every person is made equal in this world and no one is perfect. We must be satisfied and happy with what we are.

    Even the basic qualities that we have might be a dream to someone else. So we should be grateful with what we have.