The Presidents Palm Reader: A Washington Comedy

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Reached by phone, a representative for Mar-a-Lago said the resort is still determining whether to evacuate employees, as there are currently no guests during the off-season.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles. A heavy, fall snow storm will be passing over the Northern Rockies and Plains in the next few days, and the National Weather Service is warning that some regions may experience blizzard conditions and potentially historic October snowfall, likely causing travel disruptions, power outages and impacts to cattle and agriculture throughout the region.

The NWS issued a forecast Wednesday night at p.

The Friday Cover

EDT predicting widespread moderate to heavy snow from southeast Montana into parts of the central and northern Plains. The snow system is expected to persist through Saturday.

The snowfall will be ongoing over Montana, but started spreading over the Plains Wednesday night. The storm is expected to then spread further into the Dakotas and northwest Minnesota by Saturday, where heavier snowfall totals are being predicted.

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  • He fell in love with Palm Beach, she said, after visiting her over Memorial Day weekend in Sure enough, she emerged a few seconds later with a photo of Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Gingrich and William J. Bennett, the former adviser to Presidents Reagan and George H.

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    The photo shows Mr. Limbaugh playing air guitar, Mr. Bennett playing an actual guitar and Mr. Gingrich holding a beer. Gaines said, smiling.

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    • Gaines plays host to many a fund-raiser and dinner party at her home, entertaining Mr. And she did not want to impose on him by asking. A representative for Mr.

      New President, CEO Announced For Palm Desert Chamber Of Commerce

      Limbaugh said he was not doing any media interviews at the moment. Drudge, who is famously reclusive and press-wary, did not respond to requests for comment. View all New York Times newsletters. Limbaugh is actually less of a presence in Palm Beach than he used to be. Since he lost much of his hearing, friends say he has found large gatherings difficult.

      Gaines, however, said he did seem to enjoy small dinners in her dining room, which has padded fabric wallpaper that improves the acoustics. Drudge and Ms. Coulter were frequent visitors at Mr. Drudge eventually moved to Miami, and Ms. Coulter followed. In , she moved into the penthouse in his Miami apartment building.

      Newsmax opened its West Palm Beach headquarters in He was plainly inviting a lawsuit. This is probably a first in United States history.

      Palm expert’s reading of hands - can you spot the royal family waves? | Daily Mail Online

      Softening up the town on the flag issue to pursue some other angle was a classic Trump move. Trump eventually dropped his lawsuit over the flag, and in exchange the town waived its fines. As terms of a court-ordered mediation, Trump would file for a permit and be allowed to keep an oversized pole on Mar-a-Lago that was feet shorter than original pole and on a different spot on his lawn.

      He essentially got what he wanted: The biggest pole on Palm Beach. Paging Dr. Advantage, once again, Donald Trump. And for Palm Beachers, just another encounter with the human shock wave from New York.


      So it has been all along down here, from the moment in when Trump decided that Mar-a-Lago would be his personal castle.